The OfficiaL(ish) Version

Jane has extensive strategic experience, having worked all over the world during her years in advertising, selling everything from diamonds to deodorant. She has a quick strategic mind, sensitive bullshit antennae and enjoys making the complex simple. She is currently putting these skills to good use on projects for a range of clients. In addition she is an accomplished and charismatic trainer and speaker, currently offering on-point training on Unconscious Bias. She has a successful parallel career as a twice-published author (“Midlife Manifesto” and “The Art of Living Alone and Loving It”), and runs workshops around these topics

The Jane Version

I’m English by birth, therefore inherently, old fashioned-ly self deprecating, much to the frustration of my agent, website developer and publisher. I have no qualms about appearing on TV or engaging an audience and making my message resonate, but actually acknowledging that I have been called “charismatic, witty and articulate” …would be beyond me. I love untangling knotted-ball-of-wool strategic problems, training and being an author, as I get to witness frequent “aha” moments. My house with a red front door has a naughty daughter and a less naughty Airedale terrier, Rory, living in it with me. Rory is sweet and handsome and won’t be troubling MENSA. Because my life isn’t full enough (!) I enjoy volunteering for OzHarvest, my favourite charity. The house is filled with too many paintings, books and unfinished craft projects. Most evenings you’ll find me in the kitchen perfecting my XLB’s (xiao long baus).


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Consulting & Training Opportunities

Years of global experience of working with clients including Unilever, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Shell and KPMG and training with JWT have helped distil a pragmatic working and presenting style that is low on flim flam and high on usefulness.



I believe that to be truly content living alone, it pays to examine every aspect of life - relationships, health, home, finances, interests and spirituality - and then take action. No matter what your particular situation, there's something here for you. .