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"A grown up who can solve grown up problems quickly"

Years of global experience of working with clients including Unilever, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Shell and KPMG and training with JWT have helped distil a pragmatic working and presenting style that is low on flim flam and high on usefulness. All of my training is short – usually no more than one or two 60-90 minute sessions. Because we’re all busy. And we all hate b.s.

· Unconscious Bias training

· Branding/ Comms strategy/ Facilitation

· “Suit Camp” Account Management training

· Vision Board workshops

· Intervention coaching


Unconscious bias Training

the benefits of diversity, familiarising the audience with implicit bias


A comprehensive, compelling and mind opening sixty minute presentation covering the basics and then some; the benefits of diversity, familiarising the audience with implicit bias and how to prevent it in the workplace. Each presentation is tailor made to reflect the culture and policies of that company.

As the world is galvanised by the #Metoo and Time’s Up movements, employers are under more pressure than ever from boards, investors, employees, and even the government to mitigate these biases, which studies have repeatedly shown can negatively affect a company’s

bottom line. It cannot be ignored, and unconscious bias training, while not the whole solution, offers a concrete step in the right direction.



Branding + Comms Strategy + Facilitation

Recent projects


· Developing brand positioning & brand architecture

· Pitch help – research, strategy, presentation

· Name development

· Reviewing existing communications plans with recommendations

· Developing a strategy aimed at 50+ market

· Helping a planning department develop and implement new tools

· How to get the most creatively from an agency

· Idea generation workshop facilitation


Suit Camp Account Management Training

Aimed at account people with 0-3 years experience


The role of the account person is changing more than any other in an agency, and the reality is that everyone is so busy often the “learning” part of “learning on the job” is overlooked and the basics are never properly covered. This short sharp series of two workshops (each an hour long) equips account managers with the core craft tools of the trade and then intellectually challenges them to push further, give their bosses a run for their money and develop their career plans

I have been asked to run this course again and again and it has excellent feedback.



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Vision Board Workshops

If you thought vision board workshops were for desperate housewives, think again


More and more companies are using vision board workshops to empower and motivate their staff. Simply put, they can be applied just as successfully to work and career scenarios as to personal goals and ambitions. The workshop follows a clear step by step method which has been proven to work time and time again. Participants are encouraged to think ambitiously to identify their goals; this usually includes a focus on career advancement. Another step in the workshop stresses the importance of a focussed plan to succeed, which does not rely on unicorn fairy dust, but planning and hard work. When their goal is so real they can almost touch it, it’s amazing to see how motivation kicks in big time. Show your employees you value them.

Again, we’ve had fantastic feedback, and this is something that will stay with them long after the event is over.

The optimal size is groups of 10-20 and ideally they should be at a special venue away from the office.

International enquiries welcome.



Intervention Coaching

focussing on a specific issue that needs to be addressed immediately


I know, I know, there are more “coaches” than you can shake a stick at, aren’t there? And I bet that most of them are about as qualified as my dog Rory.

That’s why I focus on “intervention coaching” only. That means focussing on a client with a specific issue that has to be addressed and resolved immediately. This usually runs from one to five sessions of an hour. Issues I have been asked to address include individuals who are overbearing, don’t listen, lone wolves, arrogant, lack leadership charisma or aren’t aware of personal space. Luckily not all of these were one client, but you get the idea. It’s a discreet, and discrete way to solve sensitive staff issues.


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