Midlife Manifesto

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered “is this it?”

Midlife Manifesto will inspire you to achieve the transformation you deserve and create the plan to make it happen. From health, financial independence and spirituality, to relationships and making your home a sanctuary, this is a one-stop shop of ideas and resources to motivate you, the magnificent midlife woman. Sharing her own ups and downs with candour and humour, Jane Mathews guides you towards what really works and supplies a well-curated toolkit to help write a blueprint for your future. 

Book Reviews

A hilarious and genuinely helpful book that can actually be applied to everyday life - a rarity! I’ve just started writing my own life plan and couldn’t be happier. I’d recommend for all those women who are at a cross roads, or would like more from life and don’t know where to start.
— Reader - Sydney, Australia
This book is a DIY planner that is all about giving you a support as a woman to find ways to engage with life after familial responsibilities are essentially done. I bought this for my Mum when my baby sister left the nest, to give her some ideas about what she could do with her time now she didn’t have kids to look after and she loves it - she planned out her whole year with awesome new stuff to learn and changes to make to get healthy and become more self-reliant (she even met someone during one of the Manifesto appointed changes). It’s written with a really fun, humourous flair, that occasionally gets a bit serious, and although it’s a bit picture heavy, this is great tool for women to get back to living their own lives in the second half of life.
— Shon - Newcastle, Australia
This is a great book, it’s funny & unique - it helped me get my life into perspective and do a bit of planning for my future.
— Anna - Cooma