My Midlife “ah ha” Moment - Midlife Manifesto


I blame the fridge magnet.  In my forties I bought this very fridge magnet.  It unsettled me more than I cared to admit, and the three little words “Is this it?”  kept swirling around my head.  With a successful career, husband, 2.4 children and a house in Sydney’s answer to Wisteria Lane, why did I still feel so savagely unfulfilled?  Be careful what you wish for….  There followed a perfect storm - divorce, death of my parents selling up and moving house, all topped off with a very stressful job.  I hopped off the carousel for a bit to get my life in order, and my book “Midlife Manifesto” is the result.  It has helped me, and I hope it will help you.  And inspire you.  And, most importantly, make you laugh.

Jayde Baker